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Media Room

Welcome to the Lucid Motors newsroom. As you can imagine, a company that’s building a 1000-horsepower luxury EV is moving rather quickly. Please check back often for updates and news, and don’t hesitate to reach out to with questions or requests.

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Lucid Motors is a luxury mobility company that is reimagining what a car can be. We are applying innovative engineering, design, and technology to define a new class of vehicle. Lucid is developing products and services for the new world of experiential, on-demand, and sustainable luxury, with the Lucid Air premium sedan as its first platform. Headquartered in Newark, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Lucid team brings deep expertise from the automotive and technology industries.

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19 ITEMS / FEB 22 2021
Lucid Air Exterior Photos
24 ITEMS / FEB 22 2021
Lucid Air Interior Photos
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Lucid Motors Leadership Team
17 ITEMS / FEB 22 2021
Lucid Manufacturing
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Lucid HQ
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Lucid Studios
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